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The club house offers both fast casual dining and formal dining experiences.

Please contact the office at 850-243-7102 or email [email protected] to book your next event.

The Dining Room

For an elegant dining experience, the main Dining Room is a great space for dining, events, and large parties. It features 350 square foot dance floor and accommodates up to 120 guests. Business/Informal or Smart Casual is the dress code. Semi-Formal or Formal dress is expected for special events that call for it. 

The Castaway Room

The Castaway Room is a great space for casual dining. Bring the whole family or just yourself and enjoy the waterfront views. Although dry swimwear is acceptable, shirts and shoes are still required.

The Commodore's Room

The Commodore’s Room is a quaint room that is reserved for small private parties or meetings with less than 30 people.

The Lounge

The Lounge features 3 large TV’s, music, live bands, and entertainment. If you are coming for game night or just to enjoy the camaraderie, this a great place to come meet and enjoy the company of other members while possibly partaking an adult beverage. Swim attire is not permissible in the lounge.