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Membership Information

Fort Walton Yacht Club membership includes yachting members and social members. The club hosts local, national, and international regattas. FWYC is a family-oriented club with a casual atmosphere where members come to relax with friends and/or enjoy the many on-the-the water and social activities available. Most members consider FWYC their second home.
Membership into the FWYC is available by prospective members completing the Membership Application. This applicant must have two FWYC members to sponsor him/her as a part of the application process. If you do not know a member of the FWYC, we will arrange for an introduction and a tour of our club.
Membership in the Fort Walton Yacht Club is subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

Regular Member Privileges

  • Full access and use of all FWYC facilities to include private boat ramp and all amenities.
  • Eligible to lease Wet Slips and Dry Storage Slips.
  • Eligible to host private parties and attend all social events at the club.
  • Use of FWYC’s fleet of sailboats on the bayou and the bay.
  • Reciprocal rights at 37 Florida Council of Yacht Clubs members (FCYC) throughout Florida.
  • Reciprocal rights at 33 Gulf Yachting Association (GYA) member clubs from Texas to Florida.

Please email or call for more information or to schedule a tour of our beautiful club! You can email us at [email protected] or call the  FWYC Office 1-850-243-7102

Membership Categories

Full use of all services of FWYC. A Regular Members pays a one-time Certificate of Membership Fee. They pay monthly dues and also have a monthly food/beverage minimum.
Must live outside a 40 mile radius of FWYC. Non-Resident Members pay an initiation fee and the same monthly dues as a regular member. However, Non-Resident members do not pay monthly food/beverage minimums.
Shall be for a term of four (4) years or less with all of the obligations and rights of a Regular Member, except voting and paying assessments. Temporary Military Members pay an Initiation Fee and may become regular members at the end of the four years by paying the balance of the Certificate Fee at that time.

Must have a legal primary residence outside a 300 mile radius of FWYC. Seasonal Membership shall be for a term of one (1) month, not to exceed six (6) months in a twelve (12) month period. They pay dues and minimums and may have dock privileges while a Seasonal Member. This is a cash/credit card membership without full regular member privileges.

Over the age of 19, who have not yet reached their 32nd birthday. This category is in three steps determined by age for initiation fee, dues, and minimums. These members shall not vote or hold office; however, they may rent wet and dry slips, based on availability and are subordinate to Regular members.
Boys and girls between their 8th and 19th birthday whose parents are not members of FWYC. Junior Associate Members under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. They pay an annual fee.
Dependents of Club Members under the age of 19 or under the age of 25 if a full-time student. They pay no additional fees or dues.